Band History


s@tur@tion formed in late 1994 as a side project of Sydney based band "Toychild". The idea of the band was to jam on some material that we had written that was considered technologically unpractical for Toychild to perform. 

The name s@tur@tion was taken from Wayne's studio called "Saturation Level Recording". The project began with Bevan (guitar/vocals / from Toychild), Wayne (main vocal/trying to play guitar / from Toychild), Joey (bass / from Shock Therapy) and Adam (drums / from Stone Zone). Wayne and Bevan had become disillusioned with Toychild and decided to leave. When they did they also took Luke (bass / from Toychild) with them as Joey really wasn't suited for the band. At this stage the band became more serious and decided to start playing live.


Adam left the band in 1995 to work with Sydney based band "iNsuRge" (and has a site with his own band adam & eve were algae - now defunkt). He was replaced by Peter (drums / from Damnation) and later Mark (drums / from The Radiators) who filled in until late 1995. s@tur@tion released a demo cassette in early 1995 called 'Your Mind Is A Sponge' and reprinted a second run later that year with a new cover. We finally found a permanent drummer in early 1996 called Dave.


s@tur@tion continued to play throughout Sydney and Melbourne in 1996. Late in 1996 Dave left due to illness and the band decided to record the 'God On A Bad Day' CD-ROM. The band continued to play during the beginning of 1997 as a 3-piece without a drummer until Mick joined (drums / from Dr Ragu / Troy Kemp).


s@tur@tion performed throughout Sydney promoting 'God On A Bad Day' during 1997/98 while continuing to write new material.


At the beginning of 1999 s@tur@tion enlisted the help of vocalist MOAS (Mark Scott - formally of Skinbus). Mick decided to put more effort into the Troy Kemp project.

In yet another twisted metamorphosis Adam (percussion / from "iNsuRge") made a temporary  return to the well worn drumstool of s@tur@tion while live Wayne started experimenting as a hybrid percussionist / vocalist / keyboard / guitar / sampler type thing. (none of which he does very well)

s@tur@tion formed an alliance with Sick Inc. Management and started work writing material and for the follow up to 'God On A Bad Day' tentatively titled - 'Just Messing With Your Mind'


s@tur@tion decided to part company with both MOAS and Sick Inc. Management as the live music scene in the Sydney area seemed to become less of an advantage to rock bands. s@tur@tion continued to work on new material while at the same time "Saturation Level Recording" was relocated and rebuilt. Although this delayed the recording schedule 'Just Messing With Your Mind' continued to proceed.


s@tur@tion became a fully fledged studio project as was the original concept and although the main creative drive still comes from Wayne many other musicians are involved. 


The new CD was expected this year - although the members are busy with several other projects.

Wayne and Luke joined with Bec And Freddie in the project AZuR their debut album is ready for release. Bevan (along with good friend Heather) started the project Unsaid.


The 'just messing with your mind' album is suspended in a half complete state until AZuR, ten-1 and Unsaid can organise their busy schedules to finish the project. Hopefully before the year's out


Wayne and Luke got involved with working on movie soundtracks for Marvel comics 'Man Thing and The 'Feed' feature films. Bevan released a full length CD with Unsaid entitled "Let You In'


Man Thing feature finally released after many delays


Feed feature released. Wayne released 'Deformed By God'. Wayne, Luke And Erick from (AZuR/ten-1) start working with BMG Publishing to develop artists.

'...just messing with your mind' now features 12 songs and is set for release in early 2007.
s@tur@tion is still on hold

Thanks for your paitience (that is if anyone is waiting?)


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