Sydney Australia.

Saturation Level is currently doing pre-production for the forthcoming s@tur@tion CD tentatively titled 'just messing with your mind'. Tracks being recorded include, Failure, Civilized, Brand Name Bi-Product, Used By Date, Inappropriate, Loser, a reworked version of God/Hate/Love and Me Generation from the first e.p. and a cover of Prince's Sign O' the Times. Also work is being done on some remixes of the songs. Once again Wayne is handling the engineering and production work. We are hoping for a much funkier, sample heavy sound. Engineered / Produced / Mastered by Wayne Gretch

AZuR  recorded their debut album in 2002. Engineered / Mastered by Oscar Goana - Produced by AZuR/Oscar.

A second recording session was completed in March 2003 consisting of some soundtrack material for television, video games and film. Some of this material was re-recorded at DB studios for the Marvel Comics "Man-Thing" feature film to be released late in 2004

Gretchie  in 2006 completed a loop based solo CD using real drums. The work is titled 'Deformed By God'. More information is available from the project site. Engineered / Produced / Mastered by Gretchie

Mark Scott And Left Of 3 has also been tracking some material for an upcomming E.P. with ARIA winning engineer Anton Hagop

The Drunken Drummers are also back on the wagon and working on a full production version of their '...Such Arrogance!' E.P. Skid, Gretchie and Juzzy are currently writing some new material which again will feature the stadium inspired but technically flawed guitar brilliance that only The Drunken Drummers could attempt (with titles like 'Two Tits, A Hole And A Heartbeat'). They are also recording some of their live covers 'Star Fucker (by the Stones) and 'Out Of It' (by the Rads). Saturation Level will also be reworking the tracks for the digitally plugged in (and would prefer to have no public association with the above noted band). No expectation of a release soon as the guys have a very casual work ethic (if any). Engineered / Produced / Mastered by Gretchie

Also some video footage has been compiled for a  DVD release. - 'A Glimpse Of Brilliance' - (including the video clip for 'She Looked So Good')

'If alcohol is the root of all evil then The Drunken Drummers are well and truly fucked'

In 2005/6 the studio was also involved with ten-1 in film soundtrack work for Marvel comics 'Man-Thing' feature and Becker Films 'Feed'. Both movies currently available on DVD

Unsaid completed tracking for their 'Let You In' e.p. in 2004 (produced by Dave Petrovic)

Dave also recorded completed a single for Three Point Tilt in 2004

Dave has also finished tracking an e.p. for Inslain. The band has recently recorded bed tracks for their forthcoming debut CD with Adam at the helm.

Juzi has just completed his debut CD featuring the team at DOG productions for a major release later this year.


Past clients of Saturation Level include;




Robyn Loau

Fire Hand Ember

Adam & Eve Were Algae?

Mark Scott and Left Of 3

and of course the much talented but ill fated Wikked Wayz


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