'If alcohol is the root of all evil
then the Drunken Drummers are well and truly fucked'


 The Drunken Drummers Are Now On iTunes

2011 is the year of the Drummers triumphant return after a surprise appearance at The Albion Hotel in Western Sydney

Rummours have been circulating of a new E.P. on the way. New tracks may include party favorites 'Staring at your tits' and 'Supergroup'

the Drummers appeared in an unannounced reunion gig on 31/10/05 at a pub in Parramatta for the first time in over three years - This was the first gig with all the original members since the late '90's. (unfortunately at the last planned reunion gig 'Stinky Haddow - the bands live drummer - didn't turn up)

Also performing on the night were members of the Radiators, Wrecking Crew, TOFOG, Wendy Mathews, and also

specially reunited for the night - D Minor and the Discords.

The Drummers absolutely tore the place apart and there are already negotiations in place to record a new album and do some selective live shows

The Drunken Drummers are a classic / tragic rock band drawn from the sweat of bands like AC/DC, Kiss, The Cult and the rarely remembered Australian institution, Kings Of The Sun.

This site is dedicated to all the great rock bands we've plagiarized (and the ones they did), drummers everywhere and especially the key of 'A'.

Formed in the mid 90's at a jam night, after large quantities of alcohol had been consumed, they were deluded into thinking their talent went far beyond their instruments of choice and thus the legend / nightmare was born.

In 1996, after much of their own critical acclaim, their debut e.p. was released on the public. Titled "....Such Arrogance!" it became an instant collectors item, mainly by the band members themselves. It includes classic songs like - 'She Looked So Good She Had To Be Stupid', 'Drunk As Fuck', 'Show Me Your Tits' and their reworked version of Neil Young's 'Piece Of Crap'. (Also includes 4 remixes of the tracks - karaoke versions and much more)

The Drunken Drummers are currently working an a DVD rockumentary of the bands career including the unreleased video to 'She Looked So Good'.- See below for cover art

The Drunken Drummers are;

Juzzy / Gretchie / Skid Lucas.

Live we share the rider with;

Dave Wilkins / Kenny Wheeler / Wayne Haddow / Adam Logan / Bevan Fowke / Fess Parker / Brian Nicol / Geoff Turner / Mal Brown / Mark Day and anyone else drunk enough to get up on stage.

....Such Arrogance! - available from Saturation Level Media 

also coming soon  ...a glimpse of brilliance! (a visual DVD rockumentary)


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