She Looked So Good...She Had To Be Stupid

hangin' at the gig on a saturday night
her hair was so blonde and her jeans were tight
the gig was pumping and so was the crowd
the drummers really sucked - at least we were loud

She Looked So Good She Had To Be Stupid
Could She Be Drunk Enough To Be Mine

she had a suede jacket with tassels hanging off
if i don't make here mine i'm jerking off
she had a suntan just like melrose place
well, imagine this girl sitting on my face

she made her way down to the front row
but i should've known she'd have a boyfriend in tow
our drummer caught a glimpse my eyes were getting low
at least i got my hand cause i won't be alone

Drunk As Fuck

she's a little bit frisky 'cause she drinks a lot of whisky and i'm feeling kinda risky tonight
she locked me in a prison now my member has arisen i've got a load of jism to fly
i met a little squealer a real scene stealer i'd love to peel her nickers tonight
cause i had the urge and i had to splurge i didn't want a virgin tonight
cause i'm a dddd

Drunk As Fuck

i got real close i found that she was grose i didn't want a dose tonight
she was kinda easy and i felt a little queasy i smelt that she was cheesy inside
cause i'm a dddd

she was stinky, filthy, sleazy
i didn't care cause i was

Show Me Your Tits

well there's a girl standing by the side bar
she comes here every day and she drove in her car
many guys have tried to con her with their ways
and many guys have wanted to show her a good time
but i ain't got time for that shit, i just walked across and said
show me your tits

Show Me Your Tits
And Your Pink Bits
I'll Never Love You Forever But I'll Love You Tonight

now the fuck is over, yes i got my own way
i got my leg over, i must be on my way
now she tries the small talk she tries to keep me near
so i just turn to the bitch and say
get the fuck, the fuck out of here
now i'm finished making the noise gotta get back and keep
drinking with the boys

Piece Of Crap

i tried to be on the scene so i bought a limousine
then it blew up it was a piece of crap
running out of lube i squeeze an empty tube
someone give me more this is a piece of crap
fags put their butt plugs in just to turn them on
when they pull them out they see a piece of crap

Piece Of Crap

i went to do a piss but someone must have missed
when i looked down i saw a piece of crap
i went down to the store bought a black les paul
i couldn't play for shit it was a piece of crap

band plays real loud guitars are out of tune
someone yells out you are a piece of crap

....Such Arrogance! - available from Saturation Level Media

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