What Others Have Said About Us

"At a time when musical talent has very little to do with success, you guys will be huge". Louis Shelton - (Barbara Striesand/Lionel Richie/John Lennon/The Monkeys).

"I want to press the record button for you guys". Bob Spencer - (Finch/Skyhooks/Angels).

"So much confidence, so little talent". Mal Eastic - (Stars/Jimmy Barnes/Mal Eastic Band).

"They've taken cock rock to greater lengths". Mick Buckley - (Drum Legend).

"Anyone who thinks these guys are fucked is no idiot". Geoff Turner - (The Radiators).

"A nightmare from the depths of sonic oblivion". On The Street - (Media Publication).

"I love 'em but I can't listen to them, - they give me a headache". Rob D'Arazzio - (Sydney Casino Promoter).

is such a Piece of Crap that I have To be Drunk as Fuck to listen to them. However, the guitar solos are so mesmerising it makes me want to Show Them My Tits. I suppose it's because I Look So Good, I'm Stupid".
Nancy Kannis - (Publicist-Zeus Entertainment).

"If alcohol is the root of all evil, then the Drunken Drummers are well and truly fucked". Wayne - (Saturation Level Media).

....Such Arrogance! - available from Saturation Level Media

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